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Bijutsu Tougou Kai Manga

Sunaba Suzume
Manga Romance
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Bijutsu Tougou Kai Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Sunaba Suzume and was first published on May 19 2020. Make sure you are more than 13 years old before Read Bijutsu Tougou Kai Manga because it has Comedy, Romance genres.

Synopsis Bijutsu Tougou Kai Manga

Hachitani fell in love with her senpai at the Art Club.

She started to find out the kind of things about girls that he prefers...

Then she indulges herself in his very kinky fantasies.

Bijutsu Tougou Kai. Hachitani has a crush on her senpai in the Art Club. And she meticulously took note of things that he likes about girls... Then accordingly, she indulges in somewhat kinky fantasies involving him.


Make sure you check information about this Manga Online in table below before read online Bijutsu Tougou Kai.

Title Bijutsu Tougou Kai
Alternative 美术同好会
Type Manga
Author Sunaba Suzume
Language English
Status Ongoing
Genres , ,

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